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The requirement of personal submission does not apply to a minor. Proofs confirming the possession of these means include in particular:. Note: In case of the need for explanation or clarification of the evidence in the case, which are in possession by the governmental body during the proceedings, the alien may be requested to provide additional documents or to give evidence of the circumstances referred to in the application. There is no fee for registration of residence and issuance of certificate of registration of residence of an EU citizen. EU citizen, whose residence was registered, is issued with certificate of registration of residence of an EU citizen. In the course of a receipt of the certificate there is a requirement of presenting valid travel document. Evasion of the obligation to have a residence card of a family member of a citizen is subject to a fine. Proofs confirming the possession of these means include in particular: Credit card; A confirmation of possession of legal tenders in a bank or another financial institution, confirmed by a stamp and a signature of an authorised employee of the bank or the institution, issued no later than a month before the submission of the application for registration of residence. Required Fees There is no fee for registration of residence and issuance of certificate of registration of residence of an EU citizen. Stamp duty for filing the power of attorney — PLN

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Find useful info to make the most of your expat project and get in touch with expatriates. The Republic of Poland is the European Union’s 6th economic powerhouse. By choosing to settle here, you will enjoy a lower cost of living than in many other European countries. However, salaries also tend to be lower, unless you are an entrepreneur.

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The current economic situation in Poland is not conducive to a favourable work-life balance. Due to the subsequent competition in the labour market, there is very little job security. People are often employed on a temporary basis, and their contracts are extended on a week-to-week basis, which can be very stressful for them and their families. If an employee is not willing and able to work overtime, there is a queue of people waiting to take their job. The average working hours are from 8am to 4pm weekdays and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Instead, they often eat a sandwich as a mid-morning snack and wait until they get home for dinner. So, if you are ambitious, you will have to put considerable effort into your work life and forget about the balance. Family values are very important in Polish society. Poland has one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe, and this is partly due to the significance of their religious beliefs. Poles value family more than money or professional status. So, when dealing with a Pole, you should be ready to talk about your family and show they mean a lot to you.

Weekends are devoted to family life and Sunday dinner at home is still a tradition that must be observed. Some families have small cottages in the countryside where they spend quality time together. Polish extended families are unusually large and members stay in touch with the whole family, even if they leave far away.


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The health insurance system in Poland is based on the principles of equal treatment and access to healthcare services. It relies on a number of general rules.

There is a transition period which will last till the end of The current rules regarding UK citizens residing in PL will still apply during the transition period — until the end of The United Kingdom have withdrawn from the European Union on January 31, on the basis of the Agreement on the withdrawal. Pursuant to the Agreement on the withdrawal, a transition period has been introduced and applies from February 1, to December 31, During this period, the rules of stay and work citizens of the United Kingdom and members of their families in Poland will remain unchanged.

At the end of the transition period, citizens of the United Kingdom and members of their families who are not EU citizens will have the right to reside and work in Poland if they had been beneficiaries of the right to reside in Poland in accordance with EU law before the end of the transition period and continue to live in Poland.

Confirmation of having the residence permit or the permanent residence permit will be a document bearing the endorsement that it was issued in accordance with the Agreement on the withdrawal. Therefore, those citizens of the United Kingdom who have not obtained a residence permit in Poland confirming the right of residence or the right of permanent residence , and they would like to stay and work in Poland also after the end of the transition period, should go to the voivodship office to obtain a residence permit.

Currently, it is planned that citizens of the United Kingdom and members of their families residing in Poland will be able to apply for the documents bearing the endorsement that they were issued in accordance with the Agreement on the withdrawal — after the end of the transition period. The documents will identify the beneficiaries of the Agreement after the transition period. Information on, among others residence rights of British citizens in Poland in connection with Brexit, can be found on the website of the Office for Foreigners.

On that date, a transition period until the end of began. During the transition period beginning on the date of entry into force of the Agreement on withdrawal, nationals of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland shall enjoy equal treatment with nationals of the European Union.

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The population of self-declared Poles in Poland is estimated at 37,, out of an overall population of 38,, based on the census , [2] of whom 36,, declared Polish alone. Today, the largest urban concentrations of Poles are within the Warsaw and Silesian metropolitan areas. The ethnic Polish people are considered to be the descendants of ancient West Slavic Lechites and other tribes that inhabited the Polish territories in late antiquity.

Poland’s recorded history dates back over a thousand years to c. However, throughout its existence, the Polish state followed a tolerant policy towards minorities resulting in numerous ethnic and religious identities of the Poles, such as Polish Jews. Slavs have been in the territory of modern Poland for over years.

Poland may lack the diversity found elsewhere but expat populations are growing in major urban centres like Warsaw and Krakow, contributing to an.

Michna sp. The Polish tax system requires individuals to pay 11 monthly tax advances from foreign employment relationships, expatriates included. The tax advance for December is declared at the time of lodging the annual tax return by 30 April of the following year. No tax declarations need to be filed during the tax year. The tax payment for December should be paid at the same time as the annual declaration is filed.

The annual tax declaration should be submitted by 30 April of the following year. The payment of the tax due is transferred to the Treasury Office bank account on the same date. Where residents work under an employment contract with a Polish company and perform the work in a territory of Poland, the employer tax remitter withholds tax at progressive tax rates of 18 percent and 32 percent of the taxable base.

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We are sorry to inform you that despite of our hard work and an unconditional commitment in preparation of The Wroclaw Expat Fair, taking into consideration recent events related to spreading of coronavirus COVID in our country, following recommendations of the General Sanitary Officer GIS we would like to inform that we are forced to pospone the Wroclaw Expat Fair which was suppose to take place on 4th Apr in the Ibis Styles Hotel in Wroclaw.

Our decision is motivated with the security of participants and potential further decisions of the GIS in this respect which may limit the possibility of organising such type of events. Please follow our social media pages and the event website wher we will provide detailed information regarding our decision, including indicating a potential new date in which we will celebrate The Wroclaw Expat Fair.

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There is a large expatriate community of Polish citizens in the UK. However, you rarely hear of many Brits moving to Poland. What is expat life.

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The most important sectors of the Polish economy include, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, tourism and banking, while the energy sector is also a major financial contributor in the form of coal, electrical and renewables. Polish law is rather favourable to foreign entrepreneurs. Euro and investment incentives in 14 Special Economic Zones among others: income tax exemption, real estate tax exemption, competitive land prices , several industrial and technology parks, the possibility to benefit from the EU structural funds, brownfield and greenfield locations.

There is no legal requirement to set up an entity in Poland, although the UK company must register with the Polish tax authorities to obtain a tax number so that income tax and social security payments can be made to the Polish authorities. Once the tax number has been obtained, the foreign company is then required to calculate, withhold, report and remit Polish income tax and social security to the Polish authorities in the same way as a Polish company would do for an employee.

Therefore, a Polish payroll function will be required to take care of these obligations even if the individual continues to be paid outside of Poland which is allowed. All of the above requirements would still exist; however, it would be the employee that was responsible for calculating, withholding, reporting and remitting the appropriate income tax and social security liabilities in Poland.

The company would fund the individual who would then take care of all the obligations. It is possible to open either a Polish currency or foreign currency bank account in Poland.

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Multi currency banking. Foreign exchange. Fraud and security. Poland has overcome a tumultuous history marked by occupation and conflict, to become a country full of hope for a bright future.

Talking about the beauty of Poland (yes we like it when you tell us our country is The same qualities are appreciated in expats, although there is a perception a long standing “love affair” with the French (dating back to Napoleonic times).

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Multi currency banking. Foreign exchange. Fraud and security. After the time of writing of this chapter, major changes in the tax laws may be passed and enter into force from Because of these potential changes in the tax laws, readers should obtain updated information before engaging in transactions.

That is, what is the tax return due date? The termination of an expatriate’s residence in Poland does not result in any special procedures.

Anyone who’s been to Krakow on holiday seems to rave about the beautiful architecture, the price of beer and the many things to do. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Living and Working in Krakow, A Quick Guide to Living and Working in Krakow, Poland. Posted by: Kathie Higginson. So if you’ve been offered an expat role in Krakow, here’s our essential guide before you go There are also 24 universities and colleagues in the city.

If your employer is not helping you with the move, Gumtree is a good place to start. Krakow is split into 18 districts, simply named in Roman numerals. Quiet areas include Cichy Kacik and Jozefa Brodowicza.

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Polish citizens observe 13 public bank holidays in Most public holidays in Poland have a fixed date. These are sliding holidays that depend on the first spring full moon.

Sign in to view Poland specific payroll, legislation and taxation information and gain made by the employer for the benefit of an expatriate in his/her home country, on disability; Retirement funds paid to date by the employee in a given year.

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