Fanfic!Friday: #3

You’ve got your lads who were put together on a competition show by a visionary with a knack for developing raw talent. And then you’ve got your groups who can both sing and act—and whose fortunes rose thanks to a hit sitcom. The music of Big Time Rush may not be quite as enduring, but their series lasted four seasons and spawned a TV movie, three successful albums and a still-devoted fan base. Fun watching friends crush it along side other friends. Back in , when asked about the idea of performing again with BTR the band had just been trending on Twitter days earlier , Schmidt told Bustle , “Whenever I see fans getting excited about it and there’s an opportunity to get back together, I’m all for it. I know for sure it would involve a tour. I don’t know if it would involve new music. It seemed as if something was in the works, but who knows how the coronavirus affected his or everyone’s plans for more public projects. He’s a dog lover himself, and these days he’s keeping company with girlfriend Mica.

The Succession twist that probably doesn’t exist, explained

Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family and head and founder of massive media company Waystar Royco in the HBO series Succession, is terrifying, greedy, self-centered, and manipulative. He knows what he wants and will do just about anything to get it. But now as he gets older and realizes that the media world is moving in a different direction, he understands the need to find a successor to take over.

Someone wrote a fanfiction and made an article about it although they should have intercept telling him how cute he is but kendall told her he have a girlfriend Jo. The whole gang including ,carlos,and logan seen the others.

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! Dundee, Scotland, to be specific. Meta time! Connor is proud, Willa is weird—the usual. The dude Shiv slept with is there, which Tom figures out pretty quickly after an awkward hello. On yet another private plane, Logan is cranky. Meanwhile, Shiv tries to work Marcia. She asks just how involved Rhea has been in planning the party. They arrive in Scotland.

Logan waxes nostalgic a bit as they pass familiar sights. But he quickly gets agitated talking about the past.

kendall x logan

Bio Fav: Stories. It never happened, but now he has the chance too. James instantly comes to help, cleaning up a tired Logan.

Fanfiction. Kylie Mae Heart is an popstar and she is dating none other than Kendall Schmidt from Big Time day he walks onto Logan’s and his bus to.

Please leave empty:. Not which lyrics, but which song title BEST describes you? These are all BTR songs. Music Sounds Better With You. Any Kind of Guy. City is Ours. Time of Our Life.

Twispace3000’s Big Time Rush crossover fanfic

Kieran Culkin feels very comfortable on Succession , especially in season 2. You just walk in a room and we just play. From there, Roman had to suffer through management training at the theme parks, and the last time we checked in with him, he was stuck in an uncomfortable quasi-hostage situation in Turkey. He also struck up a weird and twisted not-romance with Gerri J.

Logan Roy is the patriarch of the Roy family on HBO’s Succession. Throughout the series’ award-winning two seasons to date. Logan has Sure, Kendall was about the double-cross his father so Logan had good reason.

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Which Big Time Rush character are you?

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Author has written 48 stories for Big Time Rush. Sort: Category. Misunderstood reviews Kendall Knight, a troubled foster kid, feels alone and misunderstood. Until James Diamond arrives and tries to figure him out.

Kendall and Logan’s dumpster baby girls by Priceisrightrusher. #1 My Baby’s Daddy (A Big Time Rush Fanfic) by AmberLinsey You and Logan have been dating for 3 hours and you’re starting to develop strong feelings for him, but what​.

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Who Killed Felix?

Oh where do we start? Like all the papers said. Your dreams have come true.

The many women who have been romantically linked with Logan. Yet another Japanese girlfriend of Logan’s, she ended up the same way as the On Earth , Logan and Storm are married and have a daughter Kendall aka Torrent.

Someone wrote a fanfiction and made an article about it although they should have made a blog post. It was written by Twispace This was not written by me. Robbie rush through towards tori and jade with his pearpad. Robbie tells them that a celebrity is going to our school to find someone to sing a duet with big time rush. Kendall knight walk through the school robbie rush towards him greeted each other.

Rex tell jade she got rejected then she threw him. He move towards tori asking her that he is looking for someone to sing duet. She agreed but he have to test her. While james,carlos,logan was stuck in traffic trying to get to hollywood arts, tori show kendall that she could sing then kendall helps her with her purse they got close and kiss. Beck,andre,cat, and trina were going inside to the studio tori and kendall went back usually.

An Ode to Jess Jordan, Kendall’s Tireless Assistant on ‘Succession’

When he looked at Carlos he saw that the other boy didn’t find it funny at all. James followed Carlos to apologize. James sat down on the bed and leaned over Carlos “Hey,” he said softly as he wiped a tear from Carlos’ cheek, finally getting the boy to look at him.

James Maslow, who along with Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson and and to date The Monkees have sold more than 75 million records.

Ok just a few things you need to know. In this story males getting pregnant is normal. Also gay marriage is acceptable in this story as well. Kendall laughed as he walked down the hallway to 2J with James right behind him. They were laughing and having a great time. They had just gotten back from the movies. They had been happily dating for six months. Kendall had taken James out for an early movie before their big date tonight.

Kendall only shook his head. James shook his head and nudged Kendall gently in the side. They arrived at 2J and Kendall opened the door for James. They saw the apartment was empty. They looked around and saw a note on the counter.

Succession season 3: release date predictions, story and what we know

What year were you born? Privacy Policy. Over the years, celebs have taken to the internet and publicly slammed their exes following a breakup.

My other famous “husbands” include: James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Dustin Belt They start to date,but what happens when Kendall finds out that Logan only.

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By could , mobile search had surpassed desktop search. Buck King T.

Logan and camille dating in real life

The bell rang, and Summer was finally here! Everybody in the class rejoiced, by throwing their papers up in the air. Except for two boys. Kendall Schmidt and his boyfriend, Logan Henderson, simply celebrated with a kiss.

Bae. Heffron Drive kendall is so sexy Kendall Schmidt, Big Time Rush, Boys Who​, Quotes About Life affirmations The Words, Life Advice, Good Advice, Dating.

Theirs is a romance that blesses pop culture and was never, ever, dull, from the TV series through to the feature-length movie. However, nobody can deny that Logan and Veronica had a tumultuous relationship , one that often veered into dark waters. That’s kind of what happens when you put two such passionate and morally ambiguous people in the same room, let alone in the same romance, you know?

Lord knows their relationship is a hard journey, but as Logan says himself, “They don’t write songs about the ones that come easy. Another time, another listicle. Nobody dies, nobody’s heart is shattered, and to be fair, it’s at a party Logan is throwing for Parker. It’s a scene that isn’t going to make any LoVe fan suffer, but it definitely induces a light wince.